These SANS Standards cover specifications and also procedures for inspection, test and examination for machinery in use. Kindly note that this list is not complete but merely lists the most known standards.




SANS 10087

The handling and use of liquefied petroleum gas.

SANS 10087-1

The handling storage and distribution and maintenance of liquified petrolium gas.

SANS 10187-1

Load Securement on Vehicles – Part 1 General Requirements.

SANS 10263-2 

The Warehousing of dangerous goods Part 2, The Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders.

SANS 10295

Suspended Access Equipment – Part 1 and Part 2

SANS 10296

Hand signals used with cranes and with lifting and suspended equipment.


Steel lifting chains – use and maintenance.

SANS 1035

Rail bound rolling stock lifting jacks used for underground applications.

SANS 10375

The Inspection & Testing of Overhead Cranes.

SANS 10388

The Inspection & Testing of Lift Trucks.

SANS 1126 

Vehicle Jacks.

SANS 1545

Electric and Hydraulic Access, goods only lifts.

SANS 1592

Short Link Steel Chain for lifting appliances. 

SANS 1594

Manually Operated Chain Blocks.

SANS 1595

Forged steel lifting hooks for use with steel chains of strength grade 4-5-6-8-10.

SANS 1596

Drop forged eyebolts and eye nuts for lifting purposes.

SANS 1599

  Cantilever Slewing Jib Cranes Part 1.

SANS 1614

Vehicle Support Stands.

SANS 1636

Manually Operated Chain Lever Hoists.

SANS 1637

Reconditioned manually operated chain lever hoists.

SANS 500

Inspection, test & examination of hand operated chain blocks & lever hoists in use.

SANS 1638

Pneumatically powered chain hoists.

SANS 1640

Reconditioned manually operated chain hoists.

SANS 16877

Round steel short link chains for lifting.

SANS 1819

Snatch Blocks.

SANS 1824

Beam Trolleys.

SANS 189

Short link steel chain for lifting purposes.

SANS 1819

Short link steel chain for lifting purposes.


The inspection, testing and examination of mobile cranes.

SANS 2262

General Purpose Thimbles for use with wire ropes.

SANS 2408

Steel Wire Ropes for general Purposes.

SANS 2415

Forged shackles for general lifting purposes.

SANS 251

Long Link and extra long link medium tolerance steel chains for general purposes. 

SANS 2972

Lifting Tackle Inspections.

SANS 3077 

Short Link Lifting Chain for lifting purposes Grade T,DAT,DT. 

SANS 4778

Chain Slings of Welded Construction.

SANS 50360

Retractable Type Fall Arrestors. 

SANS 50361

Personal Protective Equipment against Falls from height – FBH. 

SANS 50362

Personal Protective Equipment against Falls from height – Connectors.

SANS 50365

Personal protective equipment against fall from height – General Requirements.

SANS 50818

Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes – Part 1 – 6 Information for use and maintenance.

SANS 522

The inspection, testing and examination of tower cranes.

SANS 583

Non Integrated Work Platforms for occasional use on lift trucks.

SANS 687

Inspection & Testing of Non-Fixed load lifting attachments.


Inspection & Testing of Vehicle Hoists.

SANS 7531

Wire rope slings for general purposes.

SANS 7592

Calibrated round steel link lifting chains – Guidelines to proper use and maintenance. 

SANS 813

Clamps for Wire Ropes.

SANS 8539

Forged Steel lifting components used with grade 8 chains.


Textile Slings – Flat woven webbing slings made of man made fibres for general purpose use Part 1. 

SANS 9927

Cranes – Inspections – Part 1 General.

SANS 1545-6

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts Part 6: Rack-and-pinion lifts.

SANS 1545-5

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts Part 5: Electric and hydraulic access, goods only lifts.

SANS 50081-1

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts Part 1: Electric lifts.